19: Lucian

Far behind me lay a point
My own bastard of singularity
From out its conception, a lantern’s
Horror culls one purpose
And oh, do I pursue that pyre
For no moth will burn as bright as I

Far ahead there is a promise
Vacant despite its grandeur
Should my hand grace that crown
Will I wander listless as bone?

Though satisfaction sounds
In every pop, crunch and slam
Of white fire bursting forsaken flesh
So long as that lantern glows
Forever am I an addict
To satiation I’ve never tasted

Here and now I walk long
Dusk and dawn the same song
Cast my shadow far beyond
Any place I damn my feet to
For so long as that lantern glows
Onward is forever for that moth
Who will burn, a deep
Pale fire from inside
And that bastard will collapse
When that lanterns fizzles black
A release of tortured screams, now free
And I will leave this path alight
For no moth will burn so bright