Week 8: Advancing Fundamentals

Yes, I’m still here!

And still practicing. I’ve neglected updating this page since I’d like to do something special for the eighth post. The eighth week marked a touchstone of rudimentary yet meaningful accomplishment with basic endurance, skill, and foundational knowledge regarding silks and trapeze. I was given the opportunity to pass a simple exam that would allow me to progress into another class—and I passed.

It’s nothing incredible or even worth flinching at, honestly. I’m not humble bragging, either. It really does feel just that—rudimentary. All the same, this project is about capturing the journey, no matter how amateurish or new each step is. I will say this: I am able to do things that, eight weeks ago, I would have either injured myself doing or would have rolled up into a ball and cried at my utter inability to.

So, in celebration and in honour of that, I am preparing a video montage of the last eight weeks. Over the footage I will overlay an audio track of me reflecting on what the experience has been like on the whole, both physically and mentally, and what it’s like to have gotten to this stage.

I’ll be discussing expectations then and now, where things feel comfortable and challenging, some analogies for anybody unfamiliar with aerial training, and my thoughts going forward.

As I write this I am still currently attending summer aerial classes, only I’m taking one course that is higher in difficulty. For now, here are some photos from my Instagram.

See you soon!