2. The Chapel of Bones, 1142

Mania Episode 2 Wallpaper

The Black Death was as mystifying as it was terrible, a sweeping plague which claimed no less than one third of Europe’s population during the 1300’s. One of its most horrifying features? The monsters it brought out in the people it afflicted.

Our story takes us to a quiet abbey in a town called Kutná Hora, brooding in Central Europe’s Dark Ages. One abbot’s pious act sparks a surge of peculiar fame that will test the sanity of the monks tending to a cemetery’s overflowing burial grounds now that the Plague is in full swing. There are only so many tombstones and only so many coffins, but the waves of the deceased have only just begun.

An unlikely monk, Rint, struggles with his sanity as his small abbey becomes the most sought-after burial sight during a time when there seems to be more dead than living.