9. DEMON I: The Possession of Jeanne Anges, 1626

The Breath of Jeanne. Artwork by Brian Lake.

The Breath of Jeanne. Artwork by Brian Lake.

Francisco Goya of Saint Francis Borgia Helping a Dying Impenitent.jpg

Welcome to the commune of Loudun, France in 1626, where I continue to torture myself with French pronunciations for your entertainment.

Wait a second—that’s not the story. Hold on, let me look at my notes here.

Right! I remember now. Back on track.

In the throes of a plague, a priory under the supervision of a nun, Jeanne Anges, becomes infested with demonic possessions, sightings of apparitions, and other dark invocations. Cornered by nightmare and reality, the entangled human psyche thrashes.

Something must be done to stop the Devil in his tracks. Almost certainly, lives will be sacrificed. But who, in the end, will be the demon responsible?


A gigantic thank you! to two artists who collaborated on this piece. First is Brian Lake, the painter who did the visual graphic of Jeanne and her demon.

Second (this is obviously in no specific order) is Ames Elliot, the musician who wrote the piano track you hear throughout the narrative. I hope to see more work from both of them, but I am currently spoiled either way.