For writers who actually want to write.



need consistency and time to work on their craft.

Working with the Better Together Network’s philosophy and mastermind group technique, The Writer’s Cabal will assist eight other determined individuals to take part in a weekly meeting system that will revolutionise how they set, achieve, and maintain consistency in their literary goals.

Whether you’re writing a sitcom, high fantasy novel, or trying to create a successful blog, as long as words are the heart of the endeavour, you have a place in this group.

Perhaps most importantly, The Writer’s Cabal provides accountability. Through weekly meetings which cirques progress and looks to the next week, we are constantly constructing a tangible path forward in our careers and checking one another to not fall too far behind.

Just as a book is written one word at a time, dreams are manifested through individual tasks.

The worst thing you can do with your dreams is leave them to ambiguity. This is how we do the opposite: together.


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