Harlequin Grim

Each of us faces a duality of living: taking life seriously enough to grow amidst the chaos of it, but also laughing in the face of it so that reality does not break us. At the core of my existence is this purpose: to create, to inspire, and to share that same passion with others. We are all masterpieces in the making. The clock is ticking, and there is only so much that can be done.

It is nothing short of remarkable when someone sees the world, themselves, and creates something reflecting the chaos that is born of that interaction.

Art has a vital function in society because it shifts perspectives, asks questions, and inspires innovation. Fiction in particular expands empathy by giving readers insights into human nature, crafted from the unique challenges of the author's life.

This website is a glimpse into a realm constantly in creation, a spattering of fiction and prose created without boundaries, tangled in words meant to inspire, intrigue, probe, and coax out more more perspectives. Above all else, to extend the same desire that simultaneously burns and nourishes: to pursue our deepest passions relentlessly.