The Definition of an Artist


  • a person who devotes time to materialize emotions
  • a soul that feels, interprets, and conveys through any medium possible
  • a cog that sprung out of its socket, unable to conform to expectations of normality
  • an individual who feeds their soul, and starves their ego
  • one who feels an inability to live--or to live fully--without their chosen medium of expression
  • a mirror for truths, lies, and the vague in-betweens of our societal, or cosmic existence
  • someone who gives us shudders when we observe their creations, whether in words, images, or even eye contact
  • a pursuer of dreams
  • a light of hope
  • an inspirer

I was going to end this post with a quotation, only to realize how hypocritical it is of me to advocate creativity, originality, only to copy someone else's words.

Rather I will say that, throughout all our lives, all of our chaotic day-in-day-out routines, there is a beauty beneath the first layer of color, as murky as it may seem; there is an inspiration, a well to draw from, and that is simply put--everything around you. Whether this inspiration is used to be happy, or to express melancholy--the fateful irony you may feel of simply being alive in a dismal world--regardless, it is there.

You only have to look at things through a different light to see it.
Or become different yourself.

There are two new poems posted.
Thank you to anyone who read this, and Arijeta--someone very close to my heart--who helped tremendously to construct this website, while I was in a fit of anxiety with merely the thought of touching it.

May your August smell of the autumn season close at hand.