Short Story Sunday #1: First Summoning

Hello readers,

It is hopefully a beautiful and relaxing Sunday for you. If not, perhaps a short story can provide an easy escape. To all the mothers reading this, I am sending out my sincerest gratitude and thanks for your undoubtedly, much-needed presence in this world.

With that aside, welcome to the first Short Story Sunday. Today's tale is one of humor, excitement, violence, and a hero of questionable morales: a virtuous yet demonic entity. Yes, quite a confusing concept, but I have grown weary, and so have the jaded archetypes of the literary world. They could use a rest.

Meet Aurikas, a newly recruited demon exploring his duties as an immortal creature with a human perspective. This story takes place in the realm of Netherway, so put on a pot of tea, burn your tongue on coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

Say hello to Aurikas here.

As always, keep reading and growing. Much love from Josh and all his imaginary friends.