The Importance of Introspection

We are not all meant to be writers, but to a certain extent, we all have the capacity to be thinkers, with our own style, our own forms of reasoning and logic. Why is it that these traits are under-developed and unappreciated in society?

Why is introspection important? Simply asking the question itself is lending it purpose. Do you ever have those moments when you examine phenomena imbedded in the world around you, whether it be how plants grow, how people interact, or why something just occurred, and this certain observation 'clicks'? Something just 'makes sense.' It probably seems like an infinitesimal detail, something that is overlooked, taken for granted, but you somehow found the time to give it a second thought, a serious consideration. And although life goes on without noticing it, you discovered something worth pondering over.

After all, we are observers. Introspection is the digesting process of the mind, and the events of our lives are the meals which give us fuel to grow. Not all of our growth has to come from serious trauma, heartbreak, or a form of suffering, although those are definitely precursors to creating progress.

If you haven't ever had a moment when something just ‘clicked,' give it a try before you go to bed. Just take a glance at any nuance of the world surrounding you, it can even be something specific to your personal life. I guarantee you will find something to reflect about, and it may yield wisdom. For example: why does small talk exist? Why does frost enhance the beauty of leaves? What's the reason for blue skies, and just because they might be grey, it changes my mood? Why do dust bunnies exist? What is their purpose in their sad, little, hairy existence?

Maybe we don't all have a propensity for becoming philosophers on issues of importance; you may not be destined to discover a universal reason for why humans crave love, or feel content wallowing in self-denial, however your thoughts are your own after all, so own them and be conscious that they have potential to be valuable. It may not seem immediately meaningful--the things your head comes up with when you find time to be encased in silence--but they may be remarkable and unrepeatable if you delve far enough. The quieter, subtler thoughts are like the words you speak to someone who you’re attempting to get closer to on a deep level, only this person is yourself, and the conversation is coming from the world around you—how you react to all the chaos.

Take a deep breath sometime, (if you’re like me and tend to forget), and have a conversation with yourself. You may enjoy it better than you could have ever guessed.

And think about the dust bunnies, won't you?