Characters are Mirrors

Estlin Stone, Fenris the Cursed, Rickter the Apothecary, Vidarr Scarlet, Sinara Scarlet, Ashara Black, Cicero of Crows, Ash the Bard, High Priest, Arienna the High Priestess, Aidan Grey, Boran Brownbeard, Borus of the Shadow Syndicate … I could continue, but to you I am listing strangers. However, some nights when I close my eyes, these faces surround me, each of them unique and staring back; sometimes as I sit in the passenger seat of a car, I do not see the surroundings zipping by, I see their lives playing out in a montage of dramatic moments I will never be able to do justice with mere words.

Their stories echo in my head, I can feel them crawling inside my mind and stealing away the space for practical thoughts. There is a crescendo of fantasy that grows louder, as moments of turmoil, death, happiness and sadness fill my mind. It is all so real to me, that I can hardly believe these characters are just figments—they are only dreams?

Sometimes their actions reach me before I can think of them. I hear their words in my head before I write them. I wonder if I am touched with a small amount of insanity, because these characters interact with one another before I ask them too. Perhaps, in the mind of their creator, I am just another character. Perhaps they are writing my story as much as I am theirs. With my own intentions working through them, is it possible I created walking mirrors? My personality, my morales … fragmented into hundreds of reflections that refract and flood my head.

As I reveal these characters to you through stories, will you see them as I do? Will you look into them and see a reflection, a mirror to gaze back into yourself?