Drifting through this reality--a dream within a dream--we stretch out our arms to try and embrace all we can, everything that may come our way. Take it in, interpret, feel, and release in emotion, in art, in screams and in soft words. Immutably swirling in this chaotic rhythm, I choose to express in any possible way; to share what I let through this dam of my heart and soul, in the purest form I understand: art.

As humans, as wanderers and explorers of ourselves, many of us have an innate desire to create. When this desire is acted upon, we have an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, from a different angle; as we delve deeper to the core of our subjective truths, some may find they have an inherent need for creation. To breathe life into something lifeless, to craft something from our inner essences; our emotions from the past and present, in this we create a mirror for ourselves, and others.

What is lost in idle thought is immortalized through artwork. The first step of any artistic path is the experience. Instead of relying on the intended product to carry one through life, through trials, instead, the artist experiences first and creates from a vantage or perspective gained from this emotion, incident, or phenomenon.

A common distraction of any artist is the monetary, or physical value of the piece. Instead of looking at what may be gained emotionally, or spiritually, from the experience of creating it, what is analyzed is the 'practical' gain of this creation. It may even become a motivator for the act of creating itself, along with other gains which appeal the ego: fame, praise, etc.

The true benefit of art is the connection that exists between creator and viewer; the transfer of emotions, in which the artist offers up a glimpse into something that affected them deeply, or at least had significance enough to inspire the creation. Just as painters and visual artists have a wide variety of mediums to choose from; the colors, the palette, the brush size or the softness of the graphite, writers have the unique challenge (and opportunity) of picking words carefully instead of mediums.

Life is too short not to create with every breath we draw.
— Maynard James Keenan