These are the stories of monsters whose voices are lost in history.


From the Dark Age's ruinous beginnings to the Victorian Era's bloodied streets and further, Harlequin presents to you a theatre of the macabre. Each episode focuses on dark individuals, monsters, and villains.

Only now the tale is told from their perspective. Through it, history is rediscovered and fresh stories are unearthed.

Listen at your peril.





She Told Me To

Short Story

“It’s not witchcraft or evil in our blood, Ather. Just bad luck.”

Raid on Grey Watcher

Short story

A band of hunters bound to a guild known as the Umbra Order are assigned a task that has their seasoned captain questioning if even a small fortune is worth the risk.

The Offering

Short Story

“It will take an exquisite arrogance,” she said. “A numbing euphoria. They will bind your hands and ankles with silk.”





The Black Carnival