The Black Carnival

Come one, come all.

Tickets are free.*


Welcome to the carnival. An eclectic collection of narratives.

You’ve arrived at a special time, as well.

Throughout the month of October, new stories are uploaded each day. The 31 stories introduce a traveling circus in the early 1900’s called The Black Carnival. Although the carnival summons dark energy to power its exhibits daily, something uncontrollable is smuggled into its midst through one of its strangest characters: Boo the Jester.

Here are the three sections of the carnival grounds.


The story has no connection to other pieces and is meant to be enjoyed alone.


The story is linked to another also categorised under “Order”. Names within the titles will tell you which one(s).


The story is part of the 31 pieces that will arrive throughout October. They describe the life, madness and wonder within The Black Carnival itself.

And that’s all.



*damage, loss, theft, or obliteration of souls or soul fragments not liable to “The Black Carnival” or any of its associates, under protection of clause 1-Z66 of IMPS (Infernal Magistrate for the Protection of Sorcerers). Should you feel endangered after your visit, contact a local necromancer immediately.