Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and YouTube .

Available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and YouTube.



History will always haunt us …


from the dark reaches of the Medieval Ages to the smoggy beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. No story is taboo. With a keen eye on the motives of monsters and other unsavoury individuals, Mania fills in gaps left behind by historians. It hunts down peculiar events, the beginnings of myths, and offers these stories from a viewpoint often unexplored: the antagonist, the ‘villain’.

Mania is where history’s most mystifying monsters and nightmares are resurrected in stories.




The Color of Bone.png

Short Story

Just before a black horizon lay a graveyard of ships, remnants of rigging and masts swaying in the Ruined Sea's gentle lurch …

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Short story

"There are three types of artists," my father once told me, "the exceptional, the mediocre, and the monsters."

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Short Story

A butcher’s boy finds no shortage of surprises, nor skeletons in the closet, from a timid barber.